An interesting betting system for in-live soccer betting – Part Two


A few days ago we talked about an interesting betting statistic that I found in one of the betting forums I regularly read. It’s about what happens after the visiting team in a football match succeed to score in the first five minutes of the match.

So far we have discussed such matches from the English Premier League and Bundesliga in Germany.

However, if we look at the matches in France, we can see that the statistics show that this is the league in which it is the least possible for the home team to recover and reach victory after receiving an early goal. This means that if you see a match where the guests lead up within the very first minutes you can safely bet in-play in their favor. Most likely it will be a successful bet.

Of course, you need at first to carefully analyze the proposed by the bookmakers betting odds as it is determining whether your bet will be justified or not.

For the other two leagues and especially the Spanish Primera Division can be said that they are far less predictable and more difficult than the others. However, in both championships most probably such a match will end with results like 1-2 and 0:2.

Something else that can be seen from these data is that in Italy the home team has most chances to equalize almost immediately. This can be used if you decide to bet on which team will score the next goal of the match.

Of course, it’s just a betting statistic and we all could make different conclusions from it. However, it should be carefully analyzed and probably implemented in different ways, according to the way of betting a player prefer. One thing is certain, this is a statistic that is more than curious and interesting for all who enjoy sports betting.

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